Pediatric dentistry is a specialist dental care that provides primary prevention towards better oral health in children. Pediatric dentistry is an expertise specifically designed for infants and growing children that will help them in acknowledging the overall dental care. A pediatric dentist is responsible for infant oral health while and after the occurrence of primary teeth and their development, as well as secondary teeth and their development, the health of gums, etc. all up until the child’s teenage.

A pediatric dentist has a complete understanding of a child’s oral health and thus he has an expertise in the areas like:

  • Assessment of an infant oral health exam
  • Nutritional requirements of infants for better oral health
  • Habits that concern a child’s oral health like (the use of pacifier, thumb sucking etc.)
  • Early oral care of new teeth
  • Early treatments required by baby teeth
  • Diagnosis concerning oral conditions such as diabetes, congenital heart defect, asthma, hyperactivity disorder etc.
  • Early occurrence and treatment of gum disease
  • Taking care of dental injuries in children

Pediatric dentistry is not just an added advantage of being a dentist. It involves completing the levels of experience that require a detailed practice with infants and children before they actually qualify to work as a professional pediatric dentist in a health recognized center. This is because once a pediatric dentist understands how it is to work with children by eliminating the fear of dental checkups. To make sure children take their dentist visits fun while they take the required oral health knowledge seriously, pediatric dentists are friendly, gentle, polite, and patient. Most often, the clinics of pediatric dentists are decorated with toys while the experts can tackle the child in a way that the overall experience motivates the child for oral health checkups in the longer run.

Working with children is quite critical particularly when it involves the sensitive nature of oral health. A pediatric dentist is trained to work on children’s oral treatments keeping in mind the psychology of different kinds of children and ready to adapt to their needs during the treatment.

A pediatric dentist has a full know-how of special oral health treatment a child might need, which mainly includes orthodontics and sedation. The experts make sure they work with the latest technology and are keen to adopt advancements by the published research in the field.